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Formation and Background

In 1995, after years of working individually to protect and defend the licensing rights of individuals and companies, Alan Gould and Robert Hahn joined together to form the Law Office of Gould & Hahn. They shared the goal of providing compassionate and effective Business Legal Services at affordable rates to licensed professionals throughout the State of California.

After many years of successfully representing clients throughout the State, the Gould & Hahn legal team expanded to include Jacob Reinhardt in 2011, first as a Legal Assistant and then as an Associate Attorney with the firm. In 2020, Mr. Hahn and Mr. Reinhardt formed Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt, PLC, which builds upon the former partnership’s decades of experience defending California licensees with our professional Business Legal Services.

Today, GH&R provides services to the full spectrum of professionals and businesses that are licensed by local, State, and Federal agencies and assists licensed individuals in every aspect of their professional life. Our office understands that skilled representation requires a balance of diplomatic negotiation and aggressive defense. The strength of the Firm rests in the experience, intelligence, and realistic approach of our staff and our fierce loyalty to our client’s goals.

Members of the legal team at Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt have been assisting licensees for more than thirty years. Throughout this period, the regulatory and litigation environment has become increasingly aggressive. Our staff is uniquely knowledgeable about the statutes, regulations, and case law that specifically apply to licensed professionals and has developed a long-standing familiarity with the staff, attorneys, and administrative law judges who handle license disciplinary actions. These personal relationships and our understanding of this specialized area of law enable us to obtain the best possible outcome for you.

Statewide Business Legal Services

Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt provides statewide representation. Geographic location is never an obstacle to retaining our firm for assistance with your matter. Our office is conveniently located four miles from an Office of Administrative Hearings and is a short commute from the State capital. As a result, we are able to advocate on behalf of our licensed professional clients directly before their particular boards and agencies when called for and our attorneys regularly travel throughout the State to assist clients directly in hearings, conferences, and meetings.

To understand the services provided by Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt and its philosophy in defending licensees, call us today for a free consultation.

Administrative Law Attorney

The Difference With Administrative Law

Administrative law is unlike criminal or civil law. It is a specialized field that requires a detailed and comprehensive understanding of the specific laws and regulations affecting your license, as well as the California administrative procedure. For those inexperienced in practicing administrative law, it is difficult to understand the nuances of the many rules and procedures unique to licensing law. Many licensees endanger their licenses during criminal proceedings because their criminal attorney lacks knowledge of licensing law. If you are charged with a crime, ask your criminal attorney to call Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt before entering a plea, so that you are assured the least possible adverse effect on your license.


Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt specializes in defending licensees who are the subject of a board or agency action in the form of an Accusation. The Firm’s goal in every case is to obtain a resolution that ensures our clients can continue to work in their chosen professions. We also assist our clients through board investigations, application denials, agency enforcement actions, citation appeals, audits, employee issues, and a variety of other licensing matters, including the sale and acquisition of licensed businesses.

The attorneys and legal staff at Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt understand the enormous amount of stress licensees experience when learning of a board or agency action. We are committed to working closely with our clients to provide much-needed emotional support during this difficult period. Our attorneys are able to provide insight into the particular concerns of each licensing board and agency and design results for each client that is as personally satisfying as possible.

It is the Firm’s practice to tailor the handling of each case to the particular needs and concerns of each client. By viewing each client’s set of circumstances through this personal lens, Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt offers compassionate and individualized representation, which is unique among licensing defense attorneys. Too often licensees feel shut off from their legal advisors. The attorneys at Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt pride themselves on their client services and interactions.

Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt represents nearly all professionals licensed by the State of California. If you are a licensed professional and you need assistance in responding to your licensing agency, call Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt to discuss how we can be of service to you.

To learn more about Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt, click on your specialty found under the Professional Legal Services section of our website. We have also prepared a flowchart depicted in the Map of Enforcement Process section of our website that provides an accurate map of how each board and agency investigates and prosecutes a complaint against one of its licensees. If you have any questions, call Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt at 1-800-428-2207 to discuss how we can help. We want to get to know you and we want you to get to know us so that you can be confident we are the right law firm for you. It costs nothing to call us. The initial consultation is free!

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Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt has a highly skilled and experienced staff that can provide accurate and effective assistance at affordable rates to the variety of licensed professionals and businesses that provide vital services to our communities. We are here to make sure you and your professional rights are properly defended with our legal representation.  To learn more about our attorneys, our California business law firm and legal team, click on the links below.

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Free Consultation

If you are facing a disciplinary proceeding and are looking for experienced and effective representation, contact the Law Office of Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt at 1-800-428-2207 for a free consultation. We will review your situation, advise you of your rights, and discuss how we would defend you against the Board’s disciplinary action. After speaking with one of our experienced attorneys, you will be able to decide if we are the right firm for you.