• Pharmacist

    Client arrived with allegations of stealing hundreds of opioids from Pharmacy. The Board of Pharmacy has a length investigative file with very severe statements from staff that client was seen removing bottles of meds with no apparent pharmacy purpose. Pharmacy came to recognize substantial inventory discrepancy and tried to blame loss on client. Pharmacy created cover video of client allegedly removing inventory. Three-day hearing resulted in successfully attacking accuracy of video surveillance and the Board’s investigation and ultimately complete acquittal for client, withdrawal of accusation. 

  • Insurance

    The Departments of Insurance filed an Order of Summary Revocation in which the client’s license was revoked without a hearing based upon an allegation that the client’s FINRA membership status constituted cause to discipline his California insurance license. Filed a Petition for Reconsideration client’s behalf and successfully argued that the Department of Insurance misinterpreted the FINRA action and misapplied the Insurance Code. The Department of Insurance responded by issuing an Order Granting Reconsideration in which the Summary Revocation was vacated and client’s license was reinstated. 

  • ARF Operator

    Client license and operator of eight adult residential facilites for the developmentally disabled. Facing a 20-page Accusation seeking the revocation of all facility licenses, the revocation of client’s Administration Certificate, and an exclusion from all licensed facilites. Originally set for a ten (10) day Administration Hearing, the case eventually went to eleven (11) days of Hearing. Client retained all licenses, subject only to probationary restrictions for operating. Client continues to operate today.