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What to do if Your Contractor License is Under Attack

Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt have a team of contractor license attorneys that are here to help you protect your livelihood and your license. The Contractors State License Board (CSLB) is tasked with licensing and disciplining all building and home improvement contractors within the State Of California. It is within this boards’ authority that licensed contractors are subjected to some of the most intense scrutinies of any professional licensee. The main purpose of the CSLB is to protect the public from incompetence and inexperienced contractors. The agency fulfills this goal by investigating public complaints and making disciplinary actions available to the public on the CSLB website. Let us at Gould & Hahn prevent a revoked license!


Contractors, unlike many other licensed professionals, are often in direct competition with other contractors when bidding on a job. It is common practice for homeowners and future clients to review every piece of information about the contractors online in the CSLB’s public record system. Having a citation, revoked license, or accusation history can result in the loss of business opportunities. If your license is under CSLB investigation, contact the legal professionals at Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt as soon as possible.


When CSLB investigators believe a contractor has violated a law or regulation, the CSLB may issue a citation. Citations become a part of the contractors public file and can include, but are not limited to, allegations of:

  • Contract Form Violations
  • Workers’ Compensation Violations
  • Aiding And Abetting An Unlicensed Contractor
  • Down Payment Violations
  • Failure To Complete The Project For The Contract Price
  • Departure From Trade Standards

This can have many different effects on a contractor including damaging the contractors’ reputation. On top of this more often than not it includes a costly monetary penalty or a revoked license. The Board may also order the contractor to pay substantial restitution costs to the customer, which in some cases can be thousands of dollars.

Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt can assist you in filing your appeal and negotiating a resolution of the citation prior to the hearing. Furthermore, if necessary we will represent you in an administrative hearing. Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt contractor’s license attorneys have the experience and determination to achieve the best possible outcome for your individual circumstances.


The CSLB may deny a license application if it believes the applicant has failed to meet the qualifications for the license. Common grounds for denial include insufficient work experience, criminal convictions, and prior license discipline. If your license application has been denied, you have a limited amount of time to appeal and request an administrative hearing.

The license application process can be extremely stressful and tedious. You have invested a lot of time and money in preparing to be licensed. The contractor license attorneys at Gould, Hahn, & Reinhardt will guide you through this process. Furthermore, we will provide you with the confidence knowing you are being represented by experienced, compassionate, and knowledgeable counsel.


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