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What Is California Administrative Law

California administrative law is made up of regulations, rules, and other standards established by administrative and executive agencies. These agencies have the power to suggest regulations and rules through California’s constitution and the state legislature. However, while the concept may seem simple, there is much more to understand about administrative law in California. That is why, in the guide below, we will review these issues in more detail.

Basics of Administrative Law

Administrative law refers to the area of law that relates to the principles that govern the administration and regulation of state and federal government agencies. This branch of law is usually referred to as regulatory law and covers issues related to the protection of the environment, workers’ rights, and other privileges.

California Administrative Law

California administrative laws refer to the laws created by the State’s administrative agencies and the governor of California, including the following:

  • Regulations: These are rules or directives agencies pass to implement certain statutes passed by the legislature.
  • Administrative Decisions: These are cases that are decided by agency staff instead of the court.
  • Guidance:  These are rules established by agencies without following the process for producing such regulations. Some of the more common examples of guidance include advice letters and handbooks.
  • Executive Orders and Proclamations: These orders and ceremonial statements are provided by California’s governor.

What Is the California Administrative Procedure Act

The California Administrative Procedure Act is a law that governs procedures for state administrative agencies to issue or propose regulations. This Act also provides for judicial review of agency adjudications and other final decisions.

The Purpose of the California Administrative Procedure Act

The primary purpose of the California Administrative Procedure Act is to govern the processes by which agencies issue and develop rules and regulations. It also provides guidelines for agencies to follow in administrative procedures, which help ensure accountability of agency actions and decisions, enhancing fairness and legitimacy.

What Is an Administrative Law Judge in California?

In California, an Administrative Law Judge is known to specialize in administrative law and presides over administrative hearings. These hearings involve resolving issues and disputes between citizens and government agencies.

These disputes can include everything from workers’ compensation claims to arbitration between the State and contracted workers, unemployment appeals, and interdepartmental problems.

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