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What Are 3 Examples of Administrative Law?

Administrative laws are a set of regulations that control the actions of government agencies. These laws also extend to state and local government entities, such as the liquor control board or motor vehicle administrations, who are responsible for issuing permits and licenses. However, to better help you understand what administrative law entails, in the guide below, we will review some examples of administrative law and how these laws can impact you.

What Types of Services Do Administrative Agencies Perform?

Administrative agencies are responsible for three main types of services, they include the following:


When the legislative branch creates a law or policy, a coordinating agency is responsible for implementing it. For instance, when an environmental law is passed, the Environmental Protection Agency may be used to execute the law.


An entitlement agency is an agency created to offer benefits and guarantee the rights of individuals. For instance, the Social Security Administration is known to offer disability benefits to people entitled to these benefits. 


An enforcement agency, such as the Department of Justice, is responsible for enforcing laws. This agency investigates law violations and charges those who have criminally violated the rules. 

Examples of Administrative Law 

Government agencies have increasingly gained importance in the United States. These agencies have jurisdiction over various economic functions like telecommunications, the financial market, and social issues.  

Some examples of how administrative law cases work include the following:

Regulatory Cases

These types of cases primarily involve confronting a policy or rule created by an agency. For instance, if a company or business owner has a conflict with a government agency regulation, they may be able to submit a complaint and try to appeal the regulation. 

Entitlement Cases

These cases deal with public benefits, such as workers’ compensation or disability benefits. This means that if an individual has been denied these benefits, they can appeal to the appropriate administrative court to review the case to decide whether a denial was justified. 

Enforcement Cases

When a person or organization violates a regulation, the agency can bring a case against the entity or individual in administrative court. For instance, the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) handles deportation proceedings against those accused of illegal immigration. 

Other Examples

Some other examples of administrative law include The Civil Rights Act of 1964, which was responsible for creating the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, and the Environmental Protection Act, which helped to develop the Environmental Protection Agency. 

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